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What is the proxy a server?

The proxy a server is an intermediate computer, which is the intermediary ("proxy" - the intermediary) between your computer and the Internet. Through him pass all your manipulations in Internet. Proxy them processes, and results transfers you.
The Proxy-server is various. He is capable:
  • To accelerate your work with Internet;
  • To make your anonymous travel on the Network;
  • To allow to enter into chats even if you have blocked;
  • To help to look those sites to which has closed access your system administrator;
  • And many other things.

You can ask " What for to me it is necessary to a proxy?? To me and so it is good ". Really, since the childhood we know, that the shortest distance between two points - a straight line :-) But cunning consists, that we require not the shortest distance. The best speed of communication is necessary to us. And high speed not necessarily is consequence of the shortest distance.

Imagine a following situation: you live in city "A", and wish to get in far city "B" (or to you wish to arrive from this city). You can take advantage of usual transport - bus or the railway. But to go such transport up to destination very long. And if you by means of the bus will reach other city - "C" where there is an airport by plane reach much more quickly your destination (cities "B"). And the city "C" can be further away from "B", than your city "A".

The simple scheme:
"A">>>> (train)>>>> "B"
It turns out longer, than
"A">>> (train)>>> "C">>> (plane)>>>> "B"

The similar scheme is used and here: you incorporate to a proxy-server (train from "A" in "C"), and the proxy a server, using the allocated line or an optical fiber ("plane"), transmits or obtains data from a web-server (from "C" in "B").

Communication without a proxy is realized under the following scheme:
Your computer>>>> web-sites
At use of a proxy-server the scheme is represented so:
Your computer>>>> proxy>>>> web-sites

    Where to take proxies?
    Adjustment of a browser
    Questions on adjustment

The comparative table of types proxy servers


Supported reports (to what servers it can be connected)

HTTPS (not always)
FTP (not always)

Any TCP/IP (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP), UDP (not always)

HTTPS (not always)
FTP (not always)

Whether chains proxy are supported?

Not always (support of method CONNECT) is necessary



Requirements to the software
The browser supporting work through proxy (all modern)
The programs, able to work with SOCKS

Any browser

Ease in use

It is necessary to be able to set up proxy in a browser

It is necessary to be able to set up work through socks proxy

Only to be able to use Internet


Transparent, anonymous, deforming, superanonymous (elite)

High-anonymity by definition

Transparent, anonymous, deforming, superanonymous (elite)

Complexity of construction of a chain proxy

Difficultly (special programs) are necessary

(Special programs) are necessary

Very easily (it is direct in a browser, it is not necessary to change any adjustments(options))

Opportunity of use because of corporate proxy

(The same as also construction of chains)

Only if corporate proxy - socks, differently - it is impossible

Very easily

Increase in the traffic at use (due to advertising)



Is (sometimes very much)

What sites can be opened through a proxy

Any (depends only on a browser)

Any (depends only on a browser)
Only the elementary (there can be problems with opening the sites demanding authorization, or using cookies, JavaScript, ActiveX...)

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