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Questions on adjustment proxy

Whether it is necessary to reload Windows or programs, having adjusted proxy?

Because of that proxy the server is adjusted separately in each program, instead of in the most operational system, to reload Windows it is not necessary. Moreover: you can include/switch-off use proxy, and also change proxy servers, not reloading a browser (however some programs it can be demanded to reload that new adjustments have come into force).

When to adjust(set up) proxy? Up to or after an output(exit) in Internet?

Proxy the server is adjusted(set up) separately in each program, therefore you can include / to disconnect(switch-off) use of a proxy of a server at any moment irrespective of, whether your computer to Internet is connected or not.

If at me it is some(a little bit) programs in what of them it is necessary to adjust(set up) proxy?

If at you it is some(a little bit) the programs working with Internet (it can be browsers, download managers, etc.) in all programs in which you wish to use a proxy, it is necessary for you to make corresponding(meeting) adjustments(options). For example, you can adjust(set up) all programs on use of the same proxies of a server, or in each program the will be used proxy.

Exception is represented with programs which use adjustments(options) of your browser - as the browser (Internet Explorer) is adjusted(set up), and they will work (with proxy or without it(him)).
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